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Wonder Girls AMAZON paperback Cover copy

Hellooo Readers!

My name's Jan, sometimes Janette, though always J.M. on my books. 

Anyone can read them, which means that when they're in bookshops, you'll find them in the 9-12 yrs section. 

I love making stories with a #resist theme. My main series is about a 1930's girl gang taking on the ‘Blackshirts’ (British fascists) called The Wonder Girls.

The third and final explosive instalment of the this story will be published Spring 2024.


I love making things too. You can see some of them here.

United Kingdom

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Join the girls on their second Wonder-venture!

4000 child refugees are due to arrive at Southampton Docks...

A cast of thousands, despicable villains and an unexpected reunion with disastrous consequences!

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