Who were the Blackshirts?

The Cable Street Mural

In Britain in the 1930s, ‘Blackshirts’was the nickname for the British Union of Fascists, who with their leader, Oswald Mosley, was a group of people with ideas similar to Hitler. They didn’t like Jewish people, people with a disability or people with brown or black skin.

Like Hitler, they did like people with white skin and blonde hair. They described these people as ‘Aryan’ and believed Aryans would become a master race to make Britain, and Germany, ‘great again’.

But in the 1930s there were enough people in Britain to stop the Blackshirts. Good people like the men and women of East London who, on 4 October 1936, prevented these British fascists, in their  black shirts, from marching down Cable Street in Stepney . . .

You can find out more about The Blackshirts and The Battle of Cable Street on Wikipedia

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