‘ A fast-paced adventure story perfect for readers who enjoy action-driven plots.’ Toppsta

You're in exactly the right spot to find out about a new 'girls own' adventure set in 1930's England and its author, J.M. Carr.

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The Blackshirts, British supporters of Adolf Hitler, are marching.

Londoners are on the streets resisting them.

In the chaos, a terrified, golden-haired girl pulls street-thief Baby from certain death. But Blackshirts overpower them and seize the girl. Baby tracks the Blackshirts to the coast where she finds a railway carriage hidden in brambles, a gang of renegade girls and thirteen-year-old Ida, trying to protect her golden-haired little sister ...

'I was gripped from the first chapter and my heart was pounding, not daring to turn the page at some points but always feeling that I wanted more. It is a fabulous story and I have high hopes for it in this golden age of Children’s Fiction. ’ My Shelves Are Full

ebook:January '21

paperback: May '21

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