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Wonder Girls AMAZON paperback Cover copy

Hellooo Readers!

I'm Jan, sometimes Janette, though always J.M. on my books. 

Anyone can read them, which means that when they're in bookshops, you'll find them in the 9-12 yrs section. 

I love making stories with a #resist theme. My flagship stories are called The Wonder Girls, about a 1930's girl gang taking on the ‘Blackshirts’ (British fascists).You can read reviews here.

United Kingdom

Front cover of The Wonder Girls Rebel
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Pre-order The Wonder Girls' final explosive adventure!


Nazis are overpowering Europe! declares The Nettlefield Courier.

But in Nettlefield itself all appears to be well. The town is waking up to the fascist threat and the Wonder Girls are finding their places in the world. Except Baby, who feels out of place.... read more

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