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ENGLAND 1936 The Blackshirts, British supporters of Adolf Hitler, are marching. Londoners are on the streets resisting them.

In the chaos, a terrified, golden-haired girl pulls street-thief Baby from certain death. But Blackshirts overpower them and seize the girl. Baby tracks the Blackshirts to the coast where she finds a railway carriage hidden in brambles, a gang of renegade girls and thirteen-year-old Ida, trying to protect her golden-haired little sister ...


The Wonder Girls is a story of unlikely friends, despicable villains, and deadly peril, told alternately from Baby's and Ida's point of view – read the first two chapters here.

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J.M. Carr didn't like writing at school and groaned every time she had to read to the teacher. But she's always loved a good story though for a very long time she believed she didn't have enough imagination to make one up. Turned out she was wrong. Read more...

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