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ENGLAND 1936: Ida dreams of becoming a mechanic, Baby of stowing away to America. But a fascist plot to kidnap blonde children throws both girls off course.
Missing kids and a town riddled with Nazi sympathisers mean that Baby's and Ida's dreams will never come true, unless they join forces.
But Baby and her friends are thieves. There’s no way good-girl Ida is going to get along with anyone like that. Especially, when they have the cheek to accuse one of Nettlefield’s most respected citizens, Ida’s Uncle Arthur, of the most awful crimes …

“I read an early draft of this & was BLOWN AWAY!”


“Glorious and life-affirming: girl power 1930s-style. These girls will wriggle their way into your heart.” SUE WALLMAN

“My heart was pounding, not daring to turn the page at some points but always feeling that I wanted more.” ERIN LYN HAMILTON (My Shelves are Full)

“A sinister undertaker, a properly nasty villainess, a dose of history ... buckets of menace, a cracking chase ... and a band of brave hearts, looking out for each other in an unfriendly world.” VERONICA COSSANTELI

The Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls AMAZON paperback Cover copy
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