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FEEDBACK  is very important to me so I welcome any thoughts you might have had following my visit.

(I have only recently started author visiting and workshop facilitation, which was curtailed prematurely by Covid!)

Here's the feedback, I've received so far...

“The parts of the book you read were fantastic and the children (and adults) greatly enjoyed the activities.

Amy said that the drama activities you did with her class were really fun and the children loved them.  Personally, I liked the use of physical activities (stretching up and reaching down to show how many words they thought were in the book) - the children (despite being in upper KS2) love the opportunity to move around when learning.” Year 6 Teacher, Valentine Primary School, Southampton

“Jan Carr was a guest author for our writing group. She was so upbeat and inspiring.  The writing exercise was not only achievable, but useful, a great technique in making our writing stronger. It definitely, wasn't a 'buy my book' experience and she showed a genuine interest the members projects,
goals and dreams. The members were pleased that Jan included an opportunity to talk about marketing.  Not only that, after the session she remembered to send links to members who asked her questions about publishing. A big thank you from all the members.”

Charlotte Comely, The Horndean Writers,

Thank you so much for visiting our school last week.  I know all the children thoroughly enjoyed your visit and came away feeling really inspired about writing.  Some of the children afterwards said that you made the concept of becoming an author come alive for them, and left them feeling that writing is not out of their reach - it is something that is a real possibility.  Thank you very much for that - it was a great experience for them.  


A few quotes from our children:

'I really enjoyed finding out about how Jan got the inspiration for her books'

'I loved hearing about Jan's dog Cindy, and how she has Cindy on the covers of her books'

'The acting part was my favourite because I like thinking about characters and how they would act'

'I found Jan's talk really inspiring because she was just a normal person and now I feel like normal people can become authors'

'It was really fun listening to Jan talk about how she writes her books - I didn't know it took that long to write one book!'


Thanks once again for coming to our school.  It was a fantastic experience for the children, and one which I know they all thoroughly enjoyed. It would be great if we could team up with you again in the future.

Deputy Headteacher / English  Leader

Mansbridge Primary School,


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