The Wonder Girls

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4000 child refugees from

The Spanish Civil War are due

to arrive at Southampton Docks . . .

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It's the year of The KinderTransport but will Baby and Fingers actually get to America at last?

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Fifteen-year-old would be doctor, Letitia Ketton from Norfolk is determined to help with the rescue effort. Most of the children are taken to a camp, north of the town but some under the 'care' of a teacher called Easton Fitzgerald are billeted at Nettlefield Grange Orphanage. Baby is sure the Blackshirts are putting kids in peril again – have they jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

Baby and the other wonder girls must work out what the fascists are really up to, and to prevent a Nazi invasion, persuade Letitia to value what she's really good at.

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A dystopian mystery for older middle grade to young adult readers set in a world where one huge corporation sells everything . . .

In the derelict house next door to a building site, Dawn lives with a young woman who says to call her Mum.
Dawn loves the hole in the roof, where she can always see blue. She loves her book of birds and she loves Mrs Goring, the old lady who lives on the ground floor.
But when Dawn's medicine runs out and Mrs Goring disappears, Dawn begins to see the world as it really is.
Next door, the new facility to hold children like her is almost finished. But Dawn wants to live.
Can she escape, find Mrs Goring and the truth about her family before the doors to the Sparehouse open?
The threat is grim, but hope is alive and well.
Is that enough to save a generation of 'spares' like Dawn?

Set at the seaside, a family, friends and feelings story about power of denial . . .

Her name’s Bert Smith, not Bertina – if only Bert could convince her mum that she likes it that way.

Bert wants to be her Dad’s first mate forever, taking tourists on boat trips around local beauty spot, Stonewave Cove. 

But Bert is forced to live with her Mum and Mum’s boyfriend, Ronnie, in his super-clean starter home, only an hour away on the bus but a million miles from Stonewave and Dad.

Bert decides that whatever lies Mum tells and whatever Pearl, Dad’s new girlfriend, is up to, Dad needs Bert back home with him.

But Mum has more revelations that rock Bert’s world and scariest of all, Bert holds all the power. How far would Bert go to get the Dad she wants?

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