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A seaside setting for a family, friends and feelings story about the power of denial.

Her name’s Bert Smith, not Bertina – if only Bert could convince her mum that she likes it that way.

Bert wants to be her Dad’s first mate forever, taking tourists on boat trips around local beauty spot, Stonewave Cove. 

But Bert is forced to live with her Mum and Mum’s boyfriend, Ronnie, in his super-clean starter home, only an hour away on the bus but a million miles from Stonewave and Dad.

Bert decides that Dad needs her. Whatever lies Mum tells and whatever Pearl, Dad’s new girlfriend, is up to, Dad, Jake Smith, is her dad.

But Mum has more revelations that rock Bert’s world and scariest of all, Bert can make or break her growing family.

How far would Bert go for the Dad she wants?

Bert so far

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