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rectangle coloured in to show 12000 words progress on  The Wonder Girls Book 2
The Wonder Girls BOOK 2 Progress!

Another huge thank you to everyone who's bought and read The Wonder Girls. It's so wonderful when readers tell me the they've enjoyed it.

I'm well underway with the book 2 rewrite and have only procrastinated a teensy bit with this pretty word count chart. I've been in touch with the brilliant cover designer, Anne Glenn, so it's really going to be a thing. I'm so confident of this, my plan is to put it up for preorder on Amazon at some point this week. My target for publication is the 'summer' - nice and vague at the moment!

I'm really conflicted about Amazon, so much so I wrote a whole book, Spare, about a girl lost in the evils of a massive corporation that sells everything. thinking of republishing this – hypocritical or ironic?

Book cover for 'Spare" - a hand against a glowing green ball.
A girl looking for her mum in a post NHS Britain.

But Amazon has the potential for distribution and advertising that I as a microscopic independent publisher don't. Although it hasn't done that well for me so far. When some lovely person buys an ebook I do zip up the charts for a day or two but then disappear again. That could be because I haven't done any advertising - i.e. Amazon ads. I don't want to give Amazon any more money than necessary - I took down the print on demand paperback and have often considered switching to another ebook platform but the thought of working out how to do that gives me a headache. So The Wonder Girls ebook is still there and soon to be accompanied by a pre-order for eBook 2. For the time being, Amazon advertising is the way to go.

It's well known that, on the whole, ebooks don't work anywhere near as well for children's fiction as they do for adult fiction but there are exceptions and reviews definitely help the advertising process. If you have read and enjoyed please could you copy the lovely things you said to me into an Amazon review? It's highly possible that Amazon won't accept the review if you bought a paperback from me rather than their ebook but I'd be so grateful if you gave it a go and maybe copy it into Goodreads too?

Picture of Cindy the dog waiting for her walk.

My head is full of school visits, making some school resources and how to make a more younger-reader friendly website, as well keeping up with the BXP2020 challenge and the book 2 rewrite. Also, my Ferry Tales are suffering a set back due to printing costs. But going to think about all those now as I venture out to walk the publisher 3 hours late – she's so patient.

Thanks for reading!

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