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NaNoWriMo 2019, The End . . .

Nanowrimo winner's certificate for J.M. Carr and The Wonder Girls 2

I did it! I have a story! I'm thinking of it as The Wonder Girls 2 or TWG2 until a better title emerges, though '2' worked out fine for the best film trilogy of the twentieth century.

Writing the climax and finale wasn't quite the easy ride or slide into a warm jacuzzi that I was expecting. Last weekend, I was so bunged up with cold, I couldn't think. I knew what I wanted to happen but I couldn't see any way through the brick walls that presented themselves in every direction.

That was until Wednesday, when after writing a ton of rubbish, a crack appeared, I worked away until it was big enough to slip through, when I wrote like fury. That was a wonderful feeling - writing the climax is my favourite bit, lots of action, the Devil's Gallop playing in my head, catastrophe for the baddies and the goodies punching the air in victory . . . more or less. Just one thing left to consider, have I got enough in the ending to launch into TWG 3?

Back to the greatest film trilogy of the Twentieth Century . . .

So now, the 'plan' is to let the dust settle for a few weeks, then do a LOT of tidying up of the MS, cull any superfluous characters, review the story outline that I simultaneously created as I was churning out the words and structurally edit as necessary. This is the only way I can plan - I'm calling it plantsing a cross between pantsing - writing with no or very little plan and planning working out the story in detail before you begin to write. Plantsing is necessarily done at speed. I'm curious, has anybody else ever had this pop-up: There are too many spelling grammatical and punctuation errors for Word to continue to display? Some achievement, eh?

legs, below the knee, in fishnet stockings
Two Nanowrimo stories?

So the story, as a thing, works. It works in much the same way as a fish net stocking works - it'll hold a leg but very little water.

I have a lot of research and thinking to do to fill in all the plot holes. Can I do this and send it out into the world by 25 May 2020, the 83rd anniversary of the historical event, that inspired the story. I don't know, but I'm going to try!

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1 Comment

Well done you! I've done NaNoWriMo three times so I know the demands of writing to the end. So glad you've got the basis for '2'.

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