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Outselling Walliams

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The one pin prick of light in this alternate 1985 we woke up into last Friday is that The Wonder Girls is more relevant than ever. So I will concentrate on getting it, and its sequel, out to younger readers especially.

In less than three months, I've sold 150 books, given away 46, mostly to schools and libraries, have 3 school visits more or less confirmed so far, and I'm only half way through my Southampton schools list. As soon as Christmas is over, I'll start pulling TWG 2 into shape and pick up my schools outreach for TWG 1. Plus I heard today that The Wonder Girls is the second best selling item in October Books for 2019 (the best is a fair-trade chocolate bar). So, hoping I heard right, that means that in Southampton's independent bookshop, I outsold David Walliams. Have I actually slipped into a parallel universe?

If you'd like a signed copy pre Christmas there's still time. Friday 20th is the last day for first class post, which I'll be using for any last minute orders. And just in case it helps, these last minute orders come with free p&P.

I did have deep thoughts about the election but putting them together into something coherent, appropriate for this blog, is beyond me right now. I'd never have made a journalist. I much prefer making things up. Hmm... perhaps I would have done ok? One election-related thought I can tell you is that for TWG 3 - yes I have an idea, the baddie will have something to do with the press!

In the mean time, I'm really looking forward to getting back into TWG2, to filling my head with a world I can control. Writing fiction (and knitting) soothes my soul.

Hoping Christmas brings you some joy and that you can look forward to the new year with some hope; young people are mine.

Thanks so much for reading this short update. Until 2020...

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