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Publishing News from The Cindy Press

Cindy is thrilled her publishing exploits are making their mark. She loves a good book and some fabulous first readers are telling her she may well have picked one. I do hope so!

Friday 4 October began sitting in the most beautiful sitting room in Shetland on the phone to BBC Radio Solent to pitch The Wonder Girls.

Another view, this time with breakfast at Fjara followed my first broadcast media adventure. But as Fjara filled up and it was a bit rude to hog a table just for the wifi, it was time to head for The Shetland Library to make a donation.

Every mile from Southampton to Shetland was so worth the warm welcome I received in Library! The librarians made me feel so special. Just wish I'd gone dressed for a photo opportunity – I think that look on my face is saying I can't believe this is happening!

Earlier in the week I left a copy with The Shetland Times Bookshop for them to consider, so the next stop on publication day was to see if they had, considered it. And hurray, two copies are now on their shelves! I have the length of the country covered!

It will take some time to approach each bookshop and library in turn, but I'm believing that, at some point, if I keep pushing, the story will being to gather some momentum. I'm so grateful to everyone who's helped me with that by recommending and reviewing.

If anyone would like to review The Wonder Girls, toppsta.com would be a great place to leave one! Here's an advance thank you very much!

Back in Southampton, exhausted by publication excitement and holding the fort at The Cindy Press HQ, Cindy has been trying to whittle down her TBR pile ...

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